The choice of Shiraz Viognier and Merlot as the varieties on which to base our winemaking adventure was complex and challenging.
Shiraz I always felt was an easy choice. The quintessential Aussie grape, what we do in Australia better than anyone else in the world, versatile and highly expressive of the terrior and open to a myriad of styles ad interpretations.  
The Viognier and Merlot were more difficult choices but both offer some of the finest wines of the world when properly made with unique and indivual characteristics that other more main stream varieties cannot match. Again style and terrior are very expressive in these varieties.
So we panted a vineyard that would bring out the best in these varieties. The Lyre trellis for exposure and PRD irrigation for control. We choice a soft climate, cool but able to ripen fruit reliably in all seasons to get the best varietal flavours in the vineyard.
The philosophy behind our wines is simple, for the wines to be distinctive, unique and have a house style that is Ralph Fowler. The wines also need to have varietal expression and need to reflective of the terrior.
Illustration of Ralph Fowler looking at wine glass.

I also wanted wines that had sophistication and would be world class.

To achieve this I have gone back to basics. The sophistication is in the simplicity. To achieve the finesse and fineness of tannin needed for world class we have chosen to avoid any maceration, bruising or damage to the fruit. Our wines are hand made. The grapes are hand picked and processed within minutes of harvest. The processing is gentle with most berries not even crushed. The bunches are simply destemmed and elevated, not pumped, into small 3 tonne open fermenters. Here the ferments are hand worked twice daily. This intimate contact with the fermenting grapes is hard work but ensure the best outcome. The wine are gently basket pressed and run immediately into the best French oak barriques where they are lovingly nurtured until bottling.
As our vineyards mature, our vines age and our winemaking philosophy mature  we hope that we can genuinely offer you indivual wines that are world class and unique and with a point of difference that set us apart from the bigger companies.